ClodPi Labs – LoRaWAN Gateway - Outdoor - 4G Setup - Steps

ClodPi Labs - LoRawAN Gateway - Outdoor - 4G Setup - Steps

About 4G enabled Gateway:

4G is another option to connect Gateway in addition to conventional methods of Home broadband internet. With 4G option in Gateway, following challenges are taken care of:

  1. There are places with no broadband wired connections
  2. Less dependency on broadband service / hosts
  3. Long distance between the broadband router and the place where the Gateway is installed like off-grid installations.
  4. Ease of changing the data plans which is difficult / time taking / costly activity for wired broadband connection.
  5. One can use wired broadband instead of 4G option if they wish too. Please refer user guide for ClodPi Labs - LoRaWAN Gateway - Outdoor - Setup.

Compatibility of 4G options with respect to your base country (India):

Normal micro SIM (Pre-Paid / Post Paid) from Airtel, Vodafone, JIO and BSNL have been successfully tested with.


  1. M2M SIMs compatibility tests are also done successfully.
  2. It is desirable not to have a slower internet speed (< 5 mbps) for longer periods as it can stall the Gateway functioning during any Firmware updates, Sync / Resync activities (OTA).

Please read the document carefully before you install the device and pay attention to the detailed steps. For any doubts / queries please reach out to the manufacturer support team.


User should be ready with below listed items beforehand:

  • 4G SIM (micro) - enabled with Uninterrupted internet

  • Uninterrupted power supply

  • A smart phone or Laptop

Steps to set-up the device:

Open the ClodPi’s Gateway (Outdoor) package and take out all the items. Once the Gateway configuration process is complete then we will install the device at the selected outdoor location.

Step 1. Steps to place the SIM (micro) in the Gateway:

  • Take the Gateway, SIM (micro), Screwdriver with PH1 tip and a soft cloth or sponge on which we will keep the Gateway.

  • Keep the Gateway upside down.

  • You will see the transparent PC Cover tightened with two screws on to the enclosure.

  • Take a screwdriver and remove both the screws

  • Remove the PC Cover

  • SIM Card slot will be visible.

  • Move the SIM Slot cover towards your side and lift up the cover

  • Take your SIM (micro) and insert into the SIM Slot as shown in the image

  • Slowly push down the SIM Slot cover and move up to lock the SIM slot.

  • This will secure the SIM into the SIM slot.

  • Take the transparent PC Cover and place it back properly. Using the screwdriver, tighten both the screws with appropriate torque.

Caution: Do not tighten the screw too much else it may damage the PC Cover.

Next step is to connect the Gateway with Power and Internet sources. For that, we would need a PoE Injector, Cat5e or Cat6 RJ45 cable and Internet.

Step 2. N to N cable:

  • Take the N to N cable and connect one end to the Surge Arrester. Tighten it appropriately.

  • Take the antenna, remove the nut and washer. Take the the other end of N-N cable and connect to the antenna as shown in the image.

Note: We must safeguard the antenna to cable connection, cable to surge-arrester and surge-arrester to enclosure joints for any water slippage by using the Water-proof tape and Insulation tape. The same is explained in later steps.

Step 3. Now take the other end of RJ45 Ethernet (cat5e or cat6) cable and connect to the RJ45 connector at the outdoor enclosure.

Note: Refer “Operations procedure” steps at the “Prerequisite” section to understand how to set-up the RJ45 connector over the RJ45 Ethernet cable.

Step 4. Power: To provide power to the Gateway, we will be using Power over Ethernet Injector (PoE - IEEE 802.3at) provided along with the package by connecting the PoE Injector with the power mains and to the Gateway:

  • Connect the POE Injector power cord (black) provided to the power main.

  • Take the RJ45 cable (cat 5 or cat6) and connect its one end to Data & PWR Out jack at PoE Injector.

  • DO NOT switch ON the mains unless RJ45 cable (cat 5 or cat6) is connected to the device.

  • Connect the power cord of the PoE Injector with the power main. Make sure the data plan for the SIM is also ‘ON’. The complete setup should be like the adjacent image.

Note: This image is a depiction. In a real situation, the enclosure will be at the location where you want to mount it. PoE Injector will be near the power main.

Step 5. Steps to configure the SIM:

  • Take your mobile (to connect the mobile with Gateway WiFi)

  • Take your laptop (to connect the laptop with Gateway WiFi)

  • Go to WiFi options of smart mobile or Laptop

  • Available Wi-Fi networks > Select: LGW-0ccxxxxx

  • Allow the smartphone / laptop to connect the Gateway WiFi. This makes sure that your device WiFi is working and connected with your smartphone / laptop. Now we are good to Configure SIM details.

  • In your mobile / laptop, Open a browser

  • Enter

  • On Login Page:

Default username: root

Password: pass1234

  • Tap: Login

  • On Home page, Navigate to Menu > Network > Interface

  • Under Cellular section, tap on Edit

  • Go to the ‘Protocol’ field and select ‘QMI Cellular’.

  • Go to the APN text field and: enter APN details for your SIM service. Do not modify anything else in the “Cellular” section.

Example: If your SIM is of Airtel, enter “airtelgprs”. Similarly, Check with your SIM operator for APN details.

  • Tap: Save

  • Scroll down to bottom of the page

  • Tap: Save and Apply

  • Wait for confirmation message.

  • Navigate to Menu > System

  • Tap: Reboot

  • Tap: Perform Reboot

(This will apply the settings and restart the SIM.)

  • You will see a message: “Rebooting… Waiting for the device.”

  • It takes some time to reboot. Wait for a minute or two.

  • After a minute, navigate to WiFi option on your smartphone

  • Available Wi-Fi networks > Select: Gateway-0ccxxxxx

  • Allow the smartphone to connect to the Gateway WiFi. This makes sure that your device WiFi is working and connected with your smartphone.

Note: We are good to proceed with Gateway onboarding steps.

Safety Instructions:

  1. Make sure the area where you are performing the steps has no water / moisture or any other fluid nearby to the device.
  2. Make sure the SIM is clear of any moisture / fluid / dust.
  3. The screws on the PC Cover are tightened by applying appropriate torque / pressure on the screwdriver.

Now, you can proceed with other setup and configurations for gateway.

Please refer user guide for ClodPi Labs - LoRaWAN Gateway - Outdoor - Setup.