ClodPi Labs (India) announces cancellation of BGC-Fi's distributorship right for Pro Hotspot product

ClodPi Labs (India) Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer) announces the outright cancellation of “Distributorship Right” status of BGC-Fi Technologies (Distributor) with respect to “Pro Hotspot” device across India.


Non conformance with the Terms and Conditions from part of the Distributor with respect to the Roles, Responsibilities and other Terms that were agreed between both the parties. The same was notified to the distributor via Legal Notice sent by ClodPi Labs (India) Pvt Ltd’s lawyer dated “September 24, 2021”.
On October 01, 2021, representatives of ClodPi Labs, and BGC-Fi Technologies, did discuss at length on all the points that were mentioned in the legal notice that called for “Distributorship cancellation” at ClodPi Labs (India) premises.

Director of BGC-Fi Technologies agreed to all the issues mentioned by ClodPi Labs with following agreement:

  1. BGC-Fi requested ClodPi not to announce the cancellation immediately and provide some time till BGC-Fi is done with their planned pre-order on October 07, 2021 and till the time, approximately 2 weeks from the day BGC-Fi receive the devices from ClodPi Labs, they have shipped the last device to the customer.

  2. BGC-Fi stated that they will do necessary actions to get themselves removed as “authorized distributor for helium products” from Helium-DEWI platform.

  3. As ClodPi has agreed to the requests from BGC-Fi so as to avoid the BGC-Fi’s brand / image harm in public even after the agreement is cancelled with mutual discussion, same is expected from BGC-Fi. In no circumstances, BGC-Fi and it’s connects like partners, sales team, employees / ex-employees, relatives of BGC-Fi staff are engaged in any kind of selling / re-selling the devices at much higher prices out of devices that ClodPi will be delivering to BGC-Fi so as to protect ClodPi Labs from any unwanted loss w.r.t ClodPi Lab’s image / brand. Already, due to negligence on part of BGC-Fi, ClodPi has suffered loss which is immeasurable.

  4. BGC-Fi to acknowledge and respond and act on all the points raised / shared by ClodPi which called for the cancellation of the agreement before the planned October 07, 2021 pre-order by BGC-Fi commences.

  5. BGC-Fi to share the list of the customers along with the Sales Order and Device IDs who had purchased ClodPi Labs’ Pro Hotspot (Indoor) and BGC-Fi has provided their Outdoor kit to within two week, as per point (1), of the last device shipped by ClodPi Labs to BGC-Fi.
    Note: Last shipment was done on January 26, 2022 to BGC-Fi and the customer list was shared to ClodPi on February 13, 2022.

  6. Post Sales service:
    a) ClodPi Labs will continue to provide post sales service to those genuine customers, as per point (5), w.r.t Pro Hotspot (Indoor) device in accordance to applicable Warranty - Terms and Conditions.
    b) BGC-Fi to provide post sales services w.r.t Outdoor kit provided by them to the customers.

ClodPi Labs (India) Pvt Ltd does extend heartfelt gratitude to all of our customers who were vocal to us on the unpleasant experience they had.

In today’s world, the value of quality of the channels through which we reach to our customer’s is most important.

Ultimately, the future of organization’s public relations and brand’s reputation depends on our Customer’s experience. Make the most of it.

We further want to make very clear that BGC-Fi Technologies has agreed not to refer to, selling / reselling ClodPi Labs product directly or indirectly on any platform in accordance to points 1 to 6 as stated above. Anyone dealing with BGC-Fi Technologies for ClodPi Labs product will be doing so at his/her discretion.