ClodPi - Pro Hotspot - Indoor - Steps to Activate and Configure

ClodPi Pro Hotspot – Indoor - Getting Started

Let us start with ClodPi’s Pro Hotspot - Indoor - device setup:


User should be ready with these basic things:

  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Uninterrupted internet connection with minimum 10 mbps speed.
  • An identified place where Line of Sight is clear, near to power mains.
  • Avoid locations - like basements, closed rooms, inside cabinets, where strength of the signal can become weak.
  • A compatible smart mobile phone (Android / iOS) with an internet connection.
  • A good quality ethernet cable (cat5e or cat6) to connect hotspot device with router.


Pro Hotspot package includes the following items:

  • ClodPi’s Pro Hotspot device (Indoor)
  • SMA LoRa Antenna - 3.5 dBi
  • 12V 1.8A Power Adapter ( India specific plug head)
  • 1 QR Code (Scan to access the Pro HotSpot set up process)

Note: The images shown are for depiction purposes – actual color may slightly vary.

Safety Instructions:

User should be careful when setting up the device as the device is meant to be used indoors and strictly follow the user guide and safety instructions to avail the Warranty:

  • Make sure the antenna is connected to the device before switching ON the power supply.
  • Do not install the device in outdoor / semi-outdoor as it will have risks contact with external forces like rain water, moisture, lightning which may cause irreparable damage to it.
  • Avoid placing the Indoor device in a direct open environment (Sunlight / Rain), hot surface.
  • Avoid strictly risk of fluids [water, beverages, etc] dropping / falling on the device as it may seep into the device enclosure and cause damage.
  • Use of any third party accessories [outdoor enclosure, power supply, custom antenna, splitters, amplifiers] other than the stock items provided by default with the device by ClodPi Labs will be at the user’s discretion.

Steps to setup the device

  1. Antenna: First, take the Antenna and screw it onto the SMA connector slot provided for the antenna. It should look like the picture.

  1. Location: Place the device where it gets clear Line of Sight like your window where there is no obstruction to the network signal and no direct sunlight is reaching. Make sure the power main is not too far.

  2. Ethernet connection: For wired ethernet connection, you need an ethernet cable to connect the router / switch and the Ethernet connector jack located at the back side of the Pro Hotspot device.

  1. Power: Take the 12V power adapter and plug it into the mains

Connect the adapter’s DC Jack into the power jack located at the back side of the Pro Hotspot device. Now, switch ON the power mains.

Note: DO NOT switch ON the mains unless Ethernet wire is connected to the device.

  1. Power ON LED of the available three on top side of the device should lit immediately when Power is switched ON. This will start the first booting of the device.

  1. When the first boot process is complete, the Internet LED of the available three on top side of the device should also be lit. This may take 2 to 3 minutes. Once the internet LED is lit, you can check the ClodPi Pro Hotspot WiFi option is available in your smartphone > WiFi > Select “ClodPi ProHotspot” option.

Follow the below steps to connect your phone with ClodPi’s ProHotspot Wifi:

  1. On your smartphone > Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi
  2. Available Wi-Fi networks > Select: prohotspot-0ccxxxxx

  1. Allow the smartphone to connect the ProHotspot WiFi. This makes sure that your device WiFi is working and connected with your smartphone.

Steps to Add Hotspot in Helium application:

  1. Open the Helium app on your smartphone
  2. Add a Helium Miner > Select “Hotspots” > Click “+ Add Hotspot” option
  3. Choose your Hotspot screen: Select “ClodPi Pro Hotspot”


  1. You will be navigated to the “Scan QR Code” screen
  2. Click on the link below the “Your wallet address is:” label. This will copy the link. A pop up confirming the copy action will be displayed

  1. Tap the link to the Dashboard, to open the hotspot configuration page. If this does not work, open the link in any browser available on your smartphone.

On the login prompt, use the below credentials

Username: admin
Password: three-word-identifier-of-your-device

For example, if your device name is “Harsh Blood Mantis”, you can log in with
Username: admin
Password: Harsh Blood Mantis

Note: the password is case insensitive.

You can also use the last 3 digits of the device serial number (printed on the back of the device) as the password.
For example, if your device serial is CPPH2112557, you can log in with
Username: admin
Password: 557

A user interface as in the below screenshot will be displayed.


  1. Scroll down the page to view the Hotspot device details like Hotspot name, Wifi Mac, Ethernet Mac, IP etc. You can make note of these details.
  2. Paste the Wallet address in the “Enter your wallet address (from helium app)” box:
  3. Tap: Generate QR

  1. QR Code is generated and a button “Tap here to onboard” is available for proceeding with device onboarding process. Tap the button and the Device onboarding process will be triggered.

  1. Confirm Information: Following information about the device is displayed for user to confirm: Public key, MAC Address and Owner Address
  2. Tab “Next”

  1. Set Hotspot Location: Here users will be required to select the location of the device. Allow the application to access the smartphone location by clicking on the “Ask for Permissions” option.

Note: It is very important to set the device location. Tap “No thanks, I 'll set it up later” if you are not ready to set a location and can do it so later.

  1. Helium Explorer Location map will be displayed
  2. Set Location: The user needs to confirm the location of the device by tapping on the “Set Location” option.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to drop the location PIN very precisely to your location to avoid any location assert issues later.

  1. Antenna Setup: The user needs to set up the antenna specification
    TX / RX Gain: 3 dbi
    Elevation (meters): 18
    Tap “Next”

Note: These are illustrative settings. Users can click the informational icon and read through the Helium instructions.

  1. Register Hotspot: A location assert activity has to be done by clicking on the “Register Hotspot” option. The location fee ($ 10) will be automatically taken care of for the first time.

  1. Registering: Depending on the helium blockchain network, the hotspot registration process can take up to 10 minutes to complete.

It takes approximately 15 minutes, sometimes a little more, for the Hotspot to complete the registration to the Helium network. You can wait or You can close this screen by clicking on “Go to Wallet”.
You can check your hotspot’ updated information in the Helium App after finishing this step.

  1. Hotspot registration confirmation screen will be displayed. Scroll down to see the device setup complete message.

Tap on “Device Setup is Complete! Click here for details”


Congratulations! Now, you can start monitoring the device on your Helium Application.