ClodPi Labs - Helium Hotspot - Maker Application - Steps to Download, Activate and Configure

ClodPi Labs - Helium Hotspots - Maker Application - Getting Started

The ClodPi Labs – Helium Hotspots mobile application is available for Android and can be found in the Google App store for your device. Click on the link below to be redirected to the application store. Download the appropriate version of the app.

Let us start with ClodPi Labs - Helium Hotspot application setup:


User should be ready with these basic things:

  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Uninterrupted internet connection.
  • A compatible smart mobile phone (Android / iOS) with an internet connection.
  • Helium application already installed and account created. Refer: Helium Hotspot App | Helium Documentation

Step 1: Download App:

  • Search for “ClodPi Labs Hotspots” in Google Play store app.
  • Download the application on your smart phone.

Step 2: Open up the ClodPi Labs Hotspots application on mobile device.

Step 3: Two options will be available. Select one of the two options on the screen.
Note: Have the Helium application already installed and account created on your mobile
(a) Create an account on the Helium Network
(b) Already have a helium Wallet? Tap to get started,

Step 4: Create a new Helium Account

  • Tap “Create an account on the Helium Network”
  • Tap “helium-hotspot” to proceed with Helium app download and account creation.

Step 5: “Sign in with” screen:

  • Link your Helium account to the ClodPi Labs Hotspot application by allowing it permission to access the data of your Helium account.
  • Tap “helium-hotspot” button.

Step 6: Sign In - Helium:
ClodPi Labs Hotspots app Home page will be displayed listing all the already added ClodPi Labs Hotspots to your Helium account.

Note: If there no hotspots already added, only + icon will be displayed.

Step 7: Add Hotspots:

  • Tap on the plus icon (+) on the Home page / Dashboard to add a new hotspot.
  • Tap on to select the Hotspots type “ClodPi Hotspot (Indoor and Outdoor)”

Step 8: You will be navigated to the “Scan QR Code” screen
Step 9: Tap on the link below the “Your wallet address is:” label. This will copy the link. A pop up confirming the copy action will be displayed

Step 10: Open link in any browser available on your smartphone.

(a) On the login prompt, use the below credentials

  • Username: admin
  • Password: three-word-identifier-of-your-device

For example, if your device name is “Harsh Blood Mantis”, you can log in with

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Harsh Blood Mantis

Note: the password is case insensitive.

(b) You can also use the last 3 digits of the device serial number (printed on the back of the device) as the password.
For example, if your device serial is CPPH2112557, you can log in with

  • Username: admin
  • Password: 557


Step 10: A user interface as in the below screenshot will be displayed.

Step 11: Scroll down the page to view the Hotspot device details like Hotspot name, Wifi Mac, Ethernet Mac, IP etc. You can make note of these details.
Step 12: Paste the Wallet address in the “Enter your wallet address (from helium app)” box:
Step 13: Tap: Generate QR

Step 14: QR Code is generated and a button “Tap here to onboard” is available for proceeding with device onboarding process. Tap the button and the Device onboarding process will be triggered.

Step 15: Confirm Information: Following information about the device is displayed for user to confirm: Public key, MAC Address and Owner Address
Step 16: Tab “Next”

Step 17: Set Hotspot Location: Here users will be required to select the location of the device. Tap on the icon (highlighted in Orange - adjacent image) to allow the application to drop the location pin to your mobile set location.

Step 18: Location map will be displayed
Step 19: Set Location: The user needs to confirm the location of the device by tapping on the “Set Location” option.

IMPORTANT: It is very important to set the device location and Make sure to drop the location PIN very precisely to your location to avoid any location assert issues later.

Step 20: Antenna Setup: The user needs to set up the antenna specification

  • TX / RX Gain: 3 dbi
  • Elevation (meters): 18
  • Tap “Next”

(a) These are illustrative settings. Users can click the informational icon and read through the Helium instructions.

(b) User can change the Antenna “TX/RX Gain” and “Height” details by clicking on the highlighted icon as shown in adjacent image.

Step 21: Register Hotspot: A location assert activity has to be done by clicking on the “Register Hotspot” option. The location fee ($ 10) will be automatically taken care of for the first time.

Step 22: Registering: Depending on the helium blockchain network, the hotspot registration process can take up to 10 minutes to complete.


  • It takes approximately 15 minutes, sometimes a little more, for the Hotspot to complete the registration to the Helium network. You can wait or You can close this screen.
  • You can check your hotspot’ updated information in the App after finishing this step.

Step 23: Hotspot registration confirmation screen will be displayed. Scroll down to see the device setup complete message.

Tap on “Device Setup is Complete! Click here for details”


Congratulations! Now, you can start monitoring the device on your Application.

Refer User Manuals / Guides for your Hotspots installation and configuration steps:

  1. Indoor Hotspots
  2. Outdoor Hotspots (Without 4G)
  3. Outdoor Hotspots (With 4G)